Dark Root


If you are not a licensed tobacco distributor or wholesaler, you will have to become a licensed tobacco distributor or wholesaler in your state.


A person must usually be 21 to get a license.


A bond might be required by your state, but they are inexpensive, and easy to get, usually.


As our distributor/wholesaler you will have an exclusive area in the zipcodes that we agree upon.


If you sell just 200 boxes a week to the convenience stores, gas stations and smoke shops in your area, you would earn $2,000 weekly.


Your initial invest in our products to get started will be about $2,000, plus the cost of getting the tobacco distributor or wholesalers license.


We require a 50% deposit with your tobacco order, and the balance before we ship.


The answer to question #1 tells us how we can begin in assisting you to get started, without answering question #1 there's little for us to discuss.


We're looking forward to a long and prosperous relationship with you.

Thx, and we appreciate hearing from you!

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