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Yes, I’m a twice-convicted trafficker of marijuana in the United States of America.

My name is Lucky, for real, and some say I was a pioneer in the weed trade, others say I was a folk hero. For me, I was just doing my thing !!I I smoked my 1st joint when I was 17 years of age in South Beach. In 1978 I was in Santa Marta looking for Columbian Gold, and in 1995 I was in the Rancheros one hour south of Puerto Vallarta, up in the mountains looking for high grade regs…..and do I have stories. Looking back, I can say it was some hell of a ride.

I feel all those that were convicted of any type of marijuana crime, whether it was for smoking a joint or being the biggest grower or importer of weed, should be the people getting the first licenses for any marijuana business. This is especially fair if their convictions didn’t involve any weapons or violence.

And yes, I was in it for the money, but I loved marijuana too! It was against the law, but I didn’t care, because I knew it was what we needed, and the BUZZ was so, UNREAL !!

Our government was definitely wrong, and the people who got the marijuana licenses were the same people that sided with the government to keep our marijuana illegal. The government was wrong, and they have added insult to injury by letting the original folk heroes of the weed movement, people like me, out in the cold when we should at least be able to be involved in the weed industry.

So, I’m doing the next best thing. I’m legally producing precut Grabba leaf and Grabba shake for all of those that enjoy these “roll your own” tobacco products.

If any influencer, rapper, well-known and respected individual, smoke shops, or tobacco distributors would like to distribute our brands or have us brand our Grabba leaf products with your name on the packaging, just go to the “Branding and Influencers Opportunities” category in the landing page header.

So allow us to serve your needs one way or the other, as a friend that smokes fine Grabba leaf or someone with the entrepreneurial American spirit.

My Dominican business partner and best friend never knew what great weed was, or for that matter what weed was period, until I showed him. And that’s how our business got started.

Again, welcome,

And enjoy the buzz… Sincerely,

Lucky aka Loco Lucky

Inspect the Wrap

“White Plume” will appear whitish against the deep brown hue of your tobacco leaves.

Now, look at our wraps very closely. Are there any white spots? Or are they bluish greenish in color? White spots mean you have good tobacco that has been properly cured. You can wipe the spots off and it doesn’t stubbornly stick to the leaf? Once you brush it off, it doesn’t leave any sort of a stain? When you roll and light this wrap and take a puff, it will have a fresh and heavenly tobacco taste, not old and stale?

This is “White Plume,” and is a fairly common phenomenon in the world of tobacco. You can find “White Plume” on finely aged cigars and tobacco wraps. “White Plume” is perfectly normal and a sign that you’re about to smoke some great smoking tobacco, that has been aged in the perfect humidity and temperature.

All you need to do, is brush off the ‘White Plume” spots and enjoy the excellent flavor of a properly cured tobacco leaf. There will be no damage whatsoever to your leaf, and it will taste fresh and be very enjoyable to smoke.

Thank You

Relax and enjoy life…..

How to Determine If There’s Mold Damage

The tell-tale sign of mold damage is the presence of blue green fuzz. Mold is using your tobacco as a food source, and some particles will stay fixed to the surface when you try to brush them off. The tobacco will taste stale or musty when smoked. If any leaves you receive from us ever have mold, do not smoke them. Return them to the merchant for a fresh pack, but you need a sales receipt, and the package it came it as well. Snap some photos to send to info@darkroot.rocks / This way, we will correct any issues we have in a hurry, by alerting our Tobacco Factory to a potential problem. “”Your fellow smokers will appreciate the help.””

Thank You

Relax and enjoy life…..




We brand Influencers, Entertainers, Smoke Shops, Tobacco Distributors, etc, etc. We will put your Name-Your Brand on any Grabba Leaf, Grabba Shake, Pre-Rolled Cigarillos or Cigars, Flavored or Non-Flavored that we manufacture in our factory in the Dominican Republic.

You can also open up accounts that can sell our or your products Worldwide, and every month you get paid on the sales you generate…..money in Da Bank !!!!

Our graphics designer will design the packaging with the look that you want on your packaging, and we know exactly by law what must be written on the packaging.

We’ll guide you in getting a wholesale tobacco distributors license in your state or states, and they charge a small reasonable fee for the license.

We will handle the shipping of your tobacco products directly to the nearest international airport closest to you anywhere in the world.


Send us an email to info@darkroot.rocks with your name, your contact info desired, and your interest.

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